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Am I self-aware?

6 signs of low self-awareness Self-awareness is being in tune with your emotions, thought patterns, and even your impulsive decisions. When we can understand why

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How relentless are you?

To reach any goal or to push yourself out of your comfort zone, you have to do something different. You have to challenge your own

How do you make things work

How do you make things work

One of the most common obstacles we face is how to make things work. We all have an idea, but no will, no finance or

Feeling Burnout

How to get yourself motivated

Do you feel exhausted from the job, cynical about its prospects, and anxious about your professional abilities? Chances are you are feeling a BURNOUT. Extreme

simple ways to start your child on the leadership journey

Teach them young

Leadership qualities help children grow and make decisions that have a positive impact on their future. Children have beautiful minds that need to be molded

How to change your mindset

How to shift your mindset

What we think is what we eventually become. If you constantly have negative thoughts, they will manifest into your life, and you will feel as

Why small actions matter? - pooja bagri life coach

Why small actions matter?

When we make big resolutions to change our behavior we find ourselves often falling short. While many daydream about being superhumans who are productive all