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I empower individuals and teams to define and achieve their entrepreneurial journey and vision. My coaching helps break self-imposed shackles and limitations, provides you with the right tools and mindset, and enables you to create your own path to success.

Productivity and Performance Coaching

Align your team with the visions and goals of the organization. Instill accountability, inspire productivity, and increase performance. Create a culture of collaboration and shared success – inspire your team to achieve their goals.

Talks that Inspire

Create real-time impact!! Engage and Transform lives by organising a talk packed with actionable success principles! Let the success principles become your vocabulary!! And watch your leaders walk away with concrete tools to create long lasting results and success! These talks are designed to take you through next stage of growth and empowerment.

Streamlined Performance Coaching

Get from where you are, to where you want to be – with powerful tools and training that unlock your potential and help you in your growth and success journey. Step out of your comfort zone, turn dreams into reality, and live the life you want.

Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and Visionaries

Young Minds

Create Thought Leaders

Everything ever created came out of someone’s ability to dream, innovate, and most importantly, BELIEF in their own self.

Pooja Bagri - Life Coach in Singapore

Choose Action Over Fear

Ever so often, when we set out to do something, we are overcome by either self-doubt or the fear of failure. Our inner critic says “it is too late”, and we let that become our reality. I am here to help you silence that critic and activate your inner champion instead. Let me show you my tried-and-tested tools and techniques that will help you build your idea the way you want. So start today – choose the champion over the critic, belief over self-doubt, and action over fear!

Success Stories

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Mind Your Mindset

Success begins in your mind. Train your mind to believe in solutions rather than problems. My philosophy embodies the spirit of finding your own truth, challenging your preconceived notions and helping you create the success you truly dream of!

Life Coaching


This journey is truly transformational. The power of mindset coaching is incredible and delivers results that are truly remarkable!




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How It Works

My approach to Success Coaching is tailored to your individual needs. Here is what a typical coaching cycle looks like

Identifying Goals

You and I will put in the work to define your specific goals and targets and understand the challenges that are currently standing in the way of achieving them.

Learning how to mind your mindset

Focusing on the right areas like your strengths and potential, our sessions will provide you with tools and techniques to sharpen your growth mindset and create your own version of success.

Achieving Holistic Success

We work on specific strategies tailored to where you are right now as opposed to where you want to be. We then deliberate on options and coach our way to tailored action and goals

Continue the Growth

The mindset work we do in our sessions will provide you with the right tools for sustained growth in your journey towards building your own business or project. Reach into this toolkit at any point and make success an everyday part of your life.

Balance is important. My methods will guide you to achieve success in every sphere of your life, be it personal or professional.

Your Success Journey begins here!

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Pooja Bagri - Life Coach in Singapore