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Good dreamers make great innovators! I have often wondered why we don’t catch them young – after all, dreaming big comes naturally to young minds. How do we make sure they continue to do that? Does our education system serve these minds to dream the dream they want? Is the system designed to only teach academia or also teach the key principles of life which will help them create their own stories without any fear or restrain?


Start Early

Every young mind has big dreams to change the world. Slowly, life takes over, and those dreams are lost. In the younger years, a rigorous academics-only focus can make even the most brilliant dreams remain dormant, and what a loss that would be! What if we caught them young? Enabled them to continue dreaming and believing, and enabling them to go after these dreams in real life? What would that achieve – for them, for us, and for the world?


What people say?



Through a coach, teach them to dare! Teach them to do! Teaching them how to deal with failure!! Teach them to accept rejection and still remain undeterred! Teach them how to respond to any event in life and come out unscathed? Teach them to not give up!

I designed this course specifically for the next generation – to shape their thinking, to allow them to be inquisitive and curious, to inspire them to dream big, to fearlessly create their own world and vision, and to innovate and emerge as powerful leaders of tomorrow.

Small groups engage in a 4 hour workshop to learn..


Mindfulness is not just a technique, it is a way of life. The way we think determines our life path. This is a course on how to activate the inner champion. At the end of this session, the group walks away with very specific exercises on how to turn around the inner self talk and how to manage it. An impactful exercise on how to constantly be self aware of our strengths and how to use it at all times is a key takeaway.

Response over Reaction

Life is a series of events. And every event compels us to make a choice. The choice we make is always between a response and a reaction. While we are all aware that reactions don’t serve any purpose, how do we ensure we remember to respond? Through some really energising games, the students are engaged in a series of practical learnings that they carry away with them and will become a very telling part of their lives. They learn how the outcome is defined not by an event but by the response to an event and this makes a very huge shift in the way they create their own outcomes.


All of us have our own zones of comfort. For a sportsperson, a debate could be challenging, whereas for a Math genius a piece of art he has to create could be challenging. While one cannot argue that we all have our own inherent capabilities and strengths, what stops us from trying something that is new, unknown and challenging? A series of very powerful exercises help us understand Fear in the first place. Once we understand fear, we then channel this fear into energy and through our learnings on changing self talk, children learn how to transform fear to action! Or how to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Keeping your word

There is a cost to not keeping your word. But how many times have we promised the child an ice cream if he does something and broken that promise. However, research proves that a person who keeps his word at all times, and is accountable for a commitment he has made is the only one who can ever be truly considered successful. How do we teach our younger generation the cost of failed promises? How do we teach them accountability? This is a very powerful module and the children understand it better through games designed to make an impact. The lesson from this module has an infinite ripple!

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