How do you make things work

One of the most common obstacles we face is how to make things work. We all have an idea, but no will, no finance or no drive to make it happen.

Therefore the three things to remember are:

1.Nothing is easy

Keep in mind that nothing is easy. Especially something that needs change or something that needs you to take action, requires both mental resolve and a clear intent. Once you have both, it is time to act!

2.Everyone has gone through struggles you cannot see

Everyone has gone through immense struggle of some form to get to where they are right now. The only difference is the struggle is apparent in some cases and not so in others. But nothing can be achieved in life without that struggle, failure and the ability and courage to still rise up and try!

3.How you approach your obstacles will determine where you go

Now that you have established obstacles are imperative and unavoidable, you need to build your response stimuli. How you respond to the obstacle will open up pathways for you. If someone throws you a punch, it is not the fact you fell but how long it took for you to stand up again and take the next blow that will matter. No matter the number of blows, improve the speed with which you stand up again and keep going till you achieve your goal!


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Pooja Bagri

I empower individuals and teams to define and achieve lasting success in all dimensions of life.

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