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Power hour by Pooja Bagri

Invest in a power hour every morning at the start of your day to increase productivity and mindfulness. What is a Power Hour? In this article, we discuss how you can start your day with a positive mindset and how incorporating an hour of mindfulness can benefit your life.

Before you set out to make any changes to your life, remember that your mind will make up stories and tell you why you should stop. There will be days where you feel like sleeping-in or skipping your power hour altogether. You are the master of your thoughts, and only you can take a step towards self-improvement.

Power Hour

  • Begin your day with ten minutes of oil-pulling. Oil pulling helps remove toxins from your body and promotes good dental hygiene. Start by choosing your oil. Many people like to use coconut oil as it has many health benefits. Take a tablespoon of oil and swoosh it in your mouth for about ten minutes. Be gentle as you do not want to injure your jaw, and most importantly, do not swallow the oil as it will get mixed with toxins and saliva.
  • most importantly, do not swallow the oil as it will get mixed with toxins and saliva.
  • 30 minutes of Suryanamaskar. Surya Namaskar is known as the ultimate asana for many reasons. It helps strengthen the back, regulates menstrual cycles, and promotes healthy skin and hair. Suryanamaskar is a great way to center yourself and helps to boost your energy levels which in turn increases your productivity.
suryanamaskar for activeness
  • 20 minutes of meditation. Incorporate gratitude and positive affirmations in your meditation. By doing this, you can set the tone for the day. Mediation allows you to find yourself and helps you get through the day with a calm and centered mind. You can take on challenges with a much less stressful approach.
meditation to control your mind
  • Ten minutes of Pranayama. End your power hour with 10 minutes of pranayama. Try doing the 10-12-14 breath practice where you inhale for ten counts, hold for twelve, and exhale for fourteen. The goal is to connect with your mind and body.
pranayama-to keep your mind fresh

So what is that one decision that you have been wanting to take for a long time? And what stories keep coming up when you want to see it through every single day? A Life Coach can help you navigate through your transformation and help you reach your goals.


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