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“You begin changing the world by changing one man at a time” – Bukowski.

At an institutional level, how do you create impact and change that is sustainable in the long run? Sustainable change requires Commitment, Courage and Consistency. Train your trainers to make optimal impact at all times and work at the highest levels of productivity and performance and constantly create thought leaders in the process!


Champions of Culture

Everlasting change requires commitment and consistency. And this model is sustained when there are champions within the institution that reinforce this culture, and continue to create agents of change. The Train-the-Trainer approach has been proven to work at an institutional level – empowerment leads to more and more creators!


What People Say?


A Meaningful Change

Change is the only constant. Are you prepared to adapt to change in the most efficient and seamless manner? To create thought leaders, the highest responsibility lies with you, as you are creating the next generation of successful leaders. Are you creating leaders with a growth mindset? Are you creating a wave of powerful change where you empower young minds to learn from their failures without losing any confidence in themselves and without any fear? Are you the role models of change that the young minds would want to emulate?

It is my purpose to use my wisdom, intellect and experience to mentor and inspire others to be able to achieve their best in an environment of respect where they are allowed to grow without any judgement or fear. It is my purpose to help trainers drive powerful yet sustainable change. Trainers that undergo my program become the highest impact drivers and compelling thought leaders within your organization, and in turn lead others to achieve extraordinary results with a strong purpose!

In this 2 or 4 One day bootcamps we will be covering some very important modules on

Workshop 1

Success Principles Core Content

  • Take 100% responsibility for your life and your actions. 
  • Be very clear on why you are here. 
  • Decide what you want
  • Unleash your power of goal setting
Workshop 2

Success Principles Core Content

  • Lean into it
  • Release your brakes
  • Clear your incompletes and messes
  • Ask, Ask, Ask
  • Mastermind your way to Success
Workshop 3

Success Principles Core Content

  • The Power of Environments
  • The Power of the Inner Talk
  • How to deal with Rejection
  • Visualisation and Affirmations
  • Break Through Goals
Workshop 4

Success Principles Core Content

  • Take Action; build emotional resilience
  • Use feedback to your advantage
  • How to cope with fear
  • Laser Coaching techniques

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