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Leadership qualities help children grow and make decisions that have a positive impact on their future. Children have beautiful minds that need to be molded into a growth mindset that teaches the fundamental principles of life, which will help them create their own stories without fear or restraint. 

Every young mind has big dreams to change the world. Slowly, life takes over, and those dreams are lost. A rigorous academics-only focus can make even the most brilliant goals remain dormant in the younger years, and what a loss that would be!

What if we caught them young?

8 simple ways to start your child on the leadership journey

  1. Be an example. Children do what they see. As a team leader you must know the importance of inspiring your team through effort and encouragement. You must apply the same principle as a role model for your children.
  2. Encourage them to be a part of a team. Identify your kid’s talents and hobbies and encourage them to enroll for team activities or group projects. Working with a team allows children to learn valuable skills.
  3. Set goals and teach them perseverance. Teach them to set small goals to boost their confidence. Give them a project to complete on their own, which can be great for their self-esteem. Encourage them to finish whatever they start, perseverance is an important life-tool.
  4. Teach them decision making skills. Children can be overwhelmed with choices and often go on their wimp. Narrow down to two to three options and teach them to weigh the pros and cons before they make a decision.
  5. Mindfulness. Often we forget to be in the moment, and children especially have a wandering mind. Teach them mindfulness techniques to help them create more awareness and build on their strengths. You can engage in mindful games that build focus, creativity, and character.
  6. Response over Reaction. Life is a series of events that create outcomes that impact everything around us. Remind your child that the outcome is defined not by an event but by the response to an event. You should also pay attention to your own reactions and be mindful of your negative reactions.
  7. Embracing failure. A leader is defined by how they handle not only their successes but their failures as well. Understanding that failure is a normal part of life helps create a much more positive outlook for your kid. Make sure you too have a positive reaction to their failures, too much parental expectation and pressure will have negative implications on your child’s mind.
  8. Life coach. A life coach enables your child to create their own pathways to success. Keynote speaker and life coach Pooja has an excellent four-hour workshop for young minds. Click here to learn more- https://pooja.coach/young-minds/


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Pooja Bagri

I empower individuals and teams to define and achieve lasting success in all dimensions of life.

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