Pooja Bagri

Keynote Speaker. Success Coach. Leadership Coach

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My mission is to serve others to live a life of their dreams.

My purpose is to make a difference in the lives of others and to be the instrument of change that empowers and transforms.

My goal is to leave behind a legacy of thought leaders who will be so much more self-aware and continuously work on the path of self development!

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

This is most reflective of my journey. I was content to hide my potential and not harness my power. It was frightening at first when I began this journey. I succumbed to adversity and was challenged time and again till I stumbled upon teachings that completely shifted my whole perspective. I strongly believe a teacher can only teach something he has learnt and lived. What I have set out to teach is something I first learnt as a student, applied, saw the most unimaginable results and decided to dedicate my life to it thereafter!

I no longer live my life by default, but design my own life!! I use my power to draw on my strengths. I fearlessly embrace change and surge forward without seeking any validation! 

Success is a team sport. It is a combination of you, your environment and your mind. Only mastery of all allows you to make the leap and achieve what you set out to. I am here to share that knowledge with you and I cannot wait to see you apply it to create a dynamic shift in you!


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Jack Canfield Certified


Executive and Leadership Coach

When I’m not actively coaching, I love learning new perspectives and meeting new people. I thrive on travel and reading! I enjoy playing badminton and love walking in the outdoors while listening to a book on audible. I believe in balance, for the mind and the body, and practice yoga and meditation every single day. Act more, think less! Take the first step! Remember it is all about doing, not thinking!

Certified Life Coach.

Begin Your Transformation Journey.

Entrepreneurs & Visionaries

Create accountability, inspire productivity, and increase performance in your teams to achieve your organizational goals.

Young Minds

Transform today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders by shaping their thinking, empowering their ideals, and enabling them with the right tools to achieve their dreams.

Thought Leaders

Create a culture of believing and drive dynamic, meaningful change by teaching to empower, thereby creating the next generation of successful entrepreneurs!


Turn your ideas to reality – redefine your limitations, create your own destiny, and live the life of your dreams.

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