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Do you feel exhausted from the job, cynical about its prospects, and anxious about your professional abilities? Chances are you are feeling a BURNOUT. Extreme stress due to work will manifest itself in your personal life and disrupt your mental as well as physical health.

symptoms of burnout

The three symptoms of burnout.

  • Excitement! When starting a new job or business venture, we often feel excited and energized. Good excitement is excellent, but a prolonged need to prove yourself can have adverse effects. Building adequate coping mechanisms at this stage will help you avoid stress and reduce the chances of burnout.
  • Stress and negative emotions. During this phase, you will notice changes in your physical and emotional wellbeing. Stress can lead to anxiety, stomach aches, lower back problems, depression, increased heart rate, and reduced sleep.
  • Burnout. The burnout stage is when you feel your physical and emotional problems magnify. People experiencing burnout may have feelings of disassociation with the workplace, a desire to move away, self-isolation, and a complete lack of self-care.

Anyone can experience burnout. The critical thing to remember is that our mental health matters as much as our physical well-being.

How to stay motivated and avoid burnout

stay motivated and avoid burnout
  • Self-care breaks. Long hours and overworking will not necessarily convert into productivity. Peak work-performance requires both mental and physical energy. Take short breaks between tasks, step away from your desk, and keep meals gadget-free.
  • Job valuation. Take a moment to list down why you love your job, why you started, and where you want to go. Job satisfaction is a good indicator of a motivated individual.
  • Work-free Vacation. When you get a chance to take a vacation, make sure to have healthy boundaries with work and ask your team members to connect with you only if urgent; try a gadget detox and reduce screen time during your holiday.
  • Identify the problem. Often people can self-diagnose burnout when in reality, the problem may be even deeper rooted. Constant exhaustion, physical stress, and growing dislike towards your work could indicate more than burnout.

Life-coach. A life coach will help you evaluate where you are and where you want to go. They will equip you with strategies and techniques to achieve your goals faster. To know more about how a life coach can help you


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