How to get out of your comfort zone and embrace change

‘Change needs nothing but self-awareness and intent.’

Self-awareness helps you identify patterns in how your thoughts affect your emotions and your emotions affect your thoughts.  Understanding your triggers and your desires enables you to navigate your life in a more empowering manner. A self-aware person knows how to communicate with others while remaining empathetic yet delivering the point.

On the other hand, a person in his or her comfort zone is stagnating and creates mental limitations that do not allow for change. Sometimes people tend to remain in their comfort zones for prolonged periods of time as change is not necessary or imperative. Often, people in this zone may grow in one area of their life while compromising on others.

Coaching is not a process that can help you if you do not want to help yourself. Coaching is in fact a directive process that takes you to a place where you are unwilling to go. The process therefore is very dynamic and begins with your willingness to be pushed and nudged and made accountable for change.

Tips to get out of your comfort zone

So how and one can one really come out of the zone that he has become comfortable in?

Tips to get out of your comfort zone.

  • Try something new every day. While a daily routine helps you keep to your schedule, you can begin to make small changes in your habits that do not serve your purpose anymore. For instance, if you tend to sit for prolonged periods of time, you can make a small change by installing a desk that allows you to stand for a few minutes every now and then. Or if you choose to watch TV every night before sleeping, perhaps you could replace this time with a book instead.
  • Incorporate some time for self reflection. Make it a point to spend at least 10 minutes every night to introspect on your day and ask yourself, what could I have done differently today? How did I show up?
  • Begin your mornings with mindfulness. Set the tone and the intent for the day at the start of it. Make sure it is not just a routine but a mindful practice in silence and solitude with the purpose of showing up during the course of the day as who you want to be.
  • Enroll in a class or a workshop over the weekend. Read a book or watch a podcast. Make changes in how you spend your free time!
  • Mentor. Engage a mentor so that someone can not just show you where you need to grow but also tell you how. Also pick any one person who you can mentor and teach and give your time to! All of us have so much to give, and the best way to grow is to encourage growth by sharing all you have with beyond your family and friends. Invest in your personal growth.
  • We spend so easily on a personal trainer because the effects of the training show in a better toned body. Now invest in a trainer that trains your mind and your emotions.

When was the last time you invested in your personal growth? We are all willing to buy new clothes, and new accessories. But when did we last step out to invest in newer thoughts and newer patterns of thinking. When did we last have someone who we were accountable to? Who was the last person who could question you and hold you responsible for your actions?

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