Why small actions matter?

When we make big resolutions to change our behavior we find ourselves often falling short. While many daydream about being superhumans who are productive all day long, the truth is most of us find big changes impossible. Whether you want to lose weight and achieve your dream body or grow tremendously in your chosen field, remember that SMALL ACTIONS MATTER.

Small actions make up our habits, and every thought counts for our attitude towards life. Often we get so engrossed in the larger picture that we forget to look at all the details. Take a break to breathe in the small things that make up your wonderful life. We spoke to keynote speaker and successful life coach Pooja Bagri on what it takes to transform your life.  “So many juggle multiple commitments and don the heart of a mentor, teacher, parent, and leader so seamlessly. But sometimes when we are caught in the whirlpool of life, we have no time to step back and pause. “- Pooja Bagri

Here are five small steps to transforming your life.

five small steps to transforming your life - Pooja Bagri
  • Be kind to yourself. Sometimes the most pressure we feel is from ourselves. Do you constantly worry about deadlines? Do you worry about not being productive enough? With the ongoing pandemic, the Work From Home culture has blurred many boundaries. It may not be surprising that you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed about work more than usual. According to a blog on the Harvard business review “Burnout — defined as “chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed” — is at an all-time high.’ If you are experiencing sleep deprivation, irritability, headaches, and a general lack of positivity, chances are you are going through Burnout. Remember taking a break is not selfish, it is your responsibility towards your wellbeing.
Successful Life Coach - pooja Bagri
  • Try the 90/20 rule– work for 90 minutes and rest for 20. Studies show that our brain can focus on a specific task for about 90 minutes, after which it can experience fatigue. Take 20 minutes to have a healthy snack, take a walk, or indulge in any activity that is not mentally taxing. You will come back with a refreshed mind and attitude towards the task at hand.
Keynote Speaker in Singapore - pooja Bagri
  • Practice gratitude. “Gratitude will shift you to a higher frequency, and you will attract much better things.” – Rhonda Byrn

You probably rolled your eyes, but practicing gratitude can genuinely help us have a more positive outlook towards life. Start by listing down three good things at the end of each day. It could be as big as a promotion or as small as a great-tasting meal. When we focus on the good parts of our daily lives, we open our minds to abundance and joy. Gratitude also keeps you grounded and reminds you to function with empathy, which improves relationships and communication.

Self Control - Life coach in Singapore
  • Meditate. Meditation is not simply closing your eyes and sitting still. Mediation is using mindfulness techniques to achieve mental and emotional clarity. Practice 15 minutes of meditation each morning for a more calm attitude for the rest of the day. Focus on your breathing, connect with your body, and evaluate your energy.
set a goal - Successful Life Coach Singapore
  • Rule of 5: Once you achieve both mental and emotional clarity, commit to doing 5 small micro things in your daily life that are all aligned towards the achievement of this goal. These may be small things on a daily basis but when done consistently it is these small things that will matter and will create the result you want!

Every big action begins with a small step. Let your small actions help bring to fruition your bigger dreams!


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Pooja Bagri

I empower individuals and teams to define and achieve lasting success in all dimensions of life.

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