The 3C’s : Consistency. Courage. Commitment

Commitment + Consistency = Courage

This formula has to be become your ethos and driving principle of life. To get to anywhere you want to go, you need to apply this. My advice to all my clients is to persevere with commitment and to be consistent about it. Courage will show up when it has to. If you are on the other hand looking for courage first, then you are likely to not even be able to begin.


So when you have an idea, the first thing that you must do is commit to it. If you truly believe in your idea or plan, then just commit to making it happen. Dont at this time focus on the Whether or not it will work or any other variation of an outcome. Instead focus on the WHY. Your WHY will be your anchor.

Therefore if you have found your WHY, it will eventually lead to the HOW and the WHAT? Most people tend to begin with the WHAT will happen or HOW it will Happen rather than their why. If you truly LOVE something or are passionate about something and you know it, then that is your WHY. Make that the core for all your actions and your thoughts. The HOW and the WHAT will show up once you begin with the WHY and will keep evolving as you go on. The HOW and the WHAT could keep changing as you head towards your goals, but so long as the WHY is your anchor,  you will stay committed and unshaken in your resolve to follow your idea.

2. Consistency

Once you are committed and anchored to making something happen, you will find it comes easy to be consistent about it. So whether your dream is big or small, remember to be consistent about it. Unless you start somewhere, you will get nowhere. The person who gets to where he wants to from where he is is the one who takes a step. Imagine if you were to stand in the same place and expect to win the marathon even if you were the fastest runner in the world? Just by virtue of being the fastest, doesnt get you to the finish line either. You have to run to get there. And run the last mile like the first. So no matter what it is that you choose to make happen, remember it is all on your HOW now. How consistent you are in what you do, will make YOUR dream and YOUR why a reality!

3. Courage

Everytime we dream or want something, someone has always told us it is not possible. Either our dream is considered too outrageous or immodest or unattainable. Imagine if every person that invented something was told it was not possible and actually believed it? Would mankind have come so far? But courage does not come easy to many. I struggled for years with this term as although I had a lot to give, I always found that I lacked this ingredient. Which is why I have put this principle at the end of the equation. Once I am sure I know my WHY I want to do something because I absolutely want it so bad and love it so much, I rather just be committed in my intent and be consistent in my approach. This in itself is an act of courage.

The key to courage is to be able to eliminate our Early Childhood Programing. It is to remove all conditional bias and to be willing to be committed and consistent in your efforts. In the words of Winston Churchill, “Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision”

So take the decision now!


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Pooja Bagri

I empower individuals and teams to define and achieve lasting success in all dimensions of life.

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